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We are here to help. Cars are very complicated and it can be frustrating when they start acting up or just plain break down on you. Don't worry, your car will be in good hands at Foster's Auto & Truck. Let us take care of everything. We realize that you need your car back as soon as possible. Most repairs are ready for pick-up the same day.



Oil changes are necessary to keep your vehicle running properly. By changing the oil timely, you will save money by preventing costly repairs later. You can be confident that we are using a good quality oil of the right type and viscosity everytime. We never use recycled or used oil. The following services should also be performed regularly:

Oil Change every 3,000 miles*

Fuel filter every 12,000 miles*

Air Filter every 12,000 miles*

Cabin Air Filter every 12,000 miles*

Transmission Service every 30,000 miles*

Spark Plugs every 30,0000 miles*

Coolant System Service every 30,000 miles*

*or as recommended by the manufacturer.

      BG Service Center


We provide quality BG Services:

BG Fuel/Air Induction Service will improve fuel economy, reduce environmentally damaging exhaust emissions, and restore the great fun of like-new driveability to your vehicle.

BG Transmission Service extends transmission life, eliminates such problems as transmission "shudder," and reduces overall maintenance costs.

BG Power Clean A specially formulated power steering fluid utilized in the BG Power Clean contains anti-wear ingredients, antioxidants and seal conditioners. This premium quality, high viscosity index, heat-resistant fluid meets the performance requirements of domestic and most import auto manufacturers.

BG Frigi-Clean® restores heating/cooling efficiency and freshens interior air.


      Fleet Care


We provide fleet care to many businesses in our community. We know you need your fleet vehicles repaired quickly and back on the road. But it is also vital to the longevity of your vehicles to keep them maintained. We provide maintenance services in a timely manner as well as can take care of all of your vehicles repairs. We repair most cars, light trucks and medium duty trucks.

We accept the following fleet cards:


* Element

* GE


* Lease Plan

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